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Client Testimonial

Experience the benefits of Thai Massage for yourself. 

Person laying on table receiving a medical massage by a professional.

Jane Birks - Lower Macungie

David has been using his newly learned Thai Massage techniques on me during our last three sessions, and I am definitely feeling the positive effects. I am experiencing less pain in my feet when walking, standing, and especially rising from a seated position. I have noticed that my core strength is improving, and my balance has been more stable and less pain in my overall lower body. I continue to be greatly impressed with the knowledge that David is constantly acquiring and able to apply to our sessions. 

Feel better rather than tired all of the time.

Reduce muscle and and joint pain.

Improve your posture.

David Lobaski of Allentown Medical Massage during a massage therapy session with a client.

Start Feeling Better Today...

Living in pain can be difficult and reduce your quality of life.

  • I believe massage is an integral, vital part of wellness. 

  • I'm here to empower your body to heal by creating balance and comfort. 

  • I respect your medical or wellness journey and I am here to help you feel your best.

Can you benefit from working with AMM? 

Do you have pain and stress that gets in the way of your life?

Are you overwhelmed with trying to stay on your training plan because lack of sleep and stress keep derailing you?

Do you often daydream about how much easier it would be if you could just live your life without your joints creaking and your strength not being adequate?

Do you find your posture creating issues with your tissues?

Have you worked with other Massage Therapists or other health care practitioner services but have had little long-term relief for your issues?

Do you need a new way of treatment that is not the same old spa routine and hope for the best?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you're in the right place.

Getting Started Is Easy


Schedule your appointment.

We'll discuss your problem areas and your wellness goals.


Get your care plan.

We'll develop a plan specific to your needs that targets and corrects your unique physical issues.


Enjoy life pain-free.

Experience improved mobility and start doing the things you love without the hindrance of persistent pain.

Meet David Laboski

For the majority of my life, I have suffered from chronic low back and neck pain. When I discovered massage therapy 15 years ago, I finally found relief and began my healing journey. As a massage client and a practitioner, I understand the importance of building trust and educating clients on ways they can extend the benefits of our work together.


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